Lady Josephine

Dominant, beautiful and sophisticated Lady of Leisure is looking for devoted financial slaves to fulfill my decadent and luxurious lifestyle.

Born a princess, grew up to be a queen and evolved into a GODDESS walking amongst lowly men on this earth.

My intelligence makes for a sharp tongue and an intolerance of failing to meet my high expectations. Those who dare to serve me will need to work ever so hard not to experience my cruel but creative sadistic side. I do not suffer fools gladly and certainly do not afford patience for pathetic peasants.

I command absolute devotion, obedience and uncompromised loyalty.

If you are taken as my slave to kneel at my feet, this I promise you:

  • If you please me I shall bring to you endless joy and fulfillment.
  • However, fail me and I will bestow upon you my unyielding wrath. I will show no mercy in my humiliation and punishment of you.

Lady Josephine – Born to be served

1 Comment

One thought on “Lady Josephine

  1. YOU are the Perfect Goddess who was born to be served by pathetic males like me Lady Josephine. I f YOu give me the chance i will show YOU all my devotion, obedience and loyalty towards YOU Lady Josephine.
    I will Kneel at YOUR feet Lady Josephine.

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