A Full-Time Lady of Leisure…

I am now very pleased to announce that I am now a full-time Lady of Leisure.

Thanks to a most loyal, obedient and hard-working bitch-boy, I have given up the mundane occupation and can now devote my attention to living the lifestyle I am addicted to 365 days a year.

Further, I am now able to explore new opportunities and spend more time training and torturing the pathetic male species in ways I have only dreamt about!

Bitch-boy welcomed me into my new home by buying me the most fabulous shoes and handing me 500 euros, whilst on his knees as a token of his appreciation for being able to be my live-in slave!

How did I reward the little pig? I allowed him to kneel before my shoes and masturbate…of course he was made to cum over himself and not on┬ámy beloved works of art!


Lady Josephine

One thought on “A Full-Time Lady of Leisure…

  1. Divine Lady Josephine

    Congratulations on becoming a true Goddess – Women should never have to do anything but what they like, enjoy and what gives them absolute pleasure – work and everything else is for mere males to do to provide for and serve You.

    i wish i could grovel at Your wonderful feet to worship You and suffer whatever gave You pleasure and amusement.

    slave at Your feet M’Lady

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