Tea at The Ritz…

My loyal bitch-boy has served me for two years and to celebrate his devotion to me and excellent servitude, I allowed him to accompany me to the Ritz for afternoon tea.

He was already excited because I had made him wear a new pair of pink panties I had given him as an anniversary gift, but anxious because he had to serve me immaculately in public in such an elegant, formal setting.

I allowed bitch-boy to watch me sip on my Champagne…I could see his throbbing, hard cock bulging through his trousers as he watched my beautiful hand and nails wrapped around the glass.

I ordered Darljeeling tea (of course) and allowed the poor little pig to serve me. Much to his credit and of course my strict training, he managed not to spill a drop! He had to sit there patiently, serving me sandwiches to begin with. I allowed him to sample my left overs after I had eaten my favourites…the smoked salmon, the ham and mustard…all the most decadent fillings!

Then bitch-boy was allowed to serve me the scones with the thick clotted cream and strawberry compote. As I bit into the delightful treat, I could see him fixating on my lips. Bitch-boy loves it when I wear red lipstick and I knew he could not wait to sample more of my leftovers; I knew he yearned for me at this point to spit the leftovers into his mouth.

Once I was satisfied I allowed bitch-boy to beg for my left over desserts in my ear…

I then immediately got up from the table and walked away to the ladies’ bathroom…bitch-boy could only wait patiently and watch me strut across the room in my high heels…

The next thing the poor soul would know is the vibrating of his phone…I had sent him a picture of my oh so very wet pussy and the juices stuck to my fingers: ‘do you want to taste my luscious lips, sweeter than any dessert at the table before you?’

I returned to the table, “romantically” hand-fed the lost puppy a macaroon before whispering softly, ‘you can taste it all in Berlin if you’re a good boy’! God he looked so broken and so pathetic…the mental torture continues…

5 thoughts on “Tea at The Ritz…

  1. YOU were so nice to YOUR personal slave to celebrate all his devotion and servitude to YOU Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine, allowing him accompanying YOU to an afternoon tea. What an happy slave he should be.
    He should be very nervous and anxious because serving YOU immaculately in public is such an hard service Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    Serving YOU correctly is the most hardest job we have to do in our entire life Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine. YOUR strict training is what allows us unworthy pigs to serve YOU so much better Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine. Eating YOUR leftovers what a dream for any slave, YOU were so kind for him Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine. YOU deserve the best and most decadent Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    YOUR red lipstick it’s the most beautiful Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine. What a nice gift YOU gave to him, YOUR Holly spitting inside his mouth Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine. I can only dream.
    Letting him begging for YOUR leftovers what a nice gift YOU gave to YOUR slave Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    Our slaves souls belongs all to YOU Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine. YOU have the most luscious lips of all the world Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    All of us YOUR slaves we are all so pathetic for YOU Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine and YOUR mental torture is so Divine Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    YOU are the most Beautiful and Powerful Goddess of the world and i kneel before YOU and beg YOU to worship YOU Superior Goddess Lady Josephine. I worship YOU with all my heart Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    I kneel and bow down before YOU Supreme Lady Josephine.

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