The male species…pathetic!

Training my male slaves can be so tedious at times. They have all the enthusiasm of an eager puppy, but are so slow to learn. The whole process is tiresome, but at least I can derive much pleasure from teasing, torturing and abusing them as a means of punishment and behaviour correction.


However, I sometimes wonder if my energies would be better invested in finding myself a female sub to serve me where the dirty little swines fail to satisfy me!?!


Just a thought…

Lady J

6 thoughts on “The male species…pathetic!

  1. It’s known our brains can’t process information as fast as women’s does, and if we are excited probably it works slower, but i am sure any male at your feet would try his best to fulfill your needs and desires

  2. I know we, YOUR men slaves, can be boring for YOU sometimes Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine. We have enthusiasm but we are slow because we are retarded and have less brains than any woman Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    At least YOU have pleasure teasing, tormenting, abusing and torturing YOUR slaves as means of punishment and behaviour correction Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    Please teach us YOUR male slaves to serve and satisfy YOU Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    I will always kneel before YOU and please YOU in the way that YOU Superiourly decide Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.
    I kneel and bow down before YOU Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine.

  3. Supreme Goddess Lady Josephine
    As I am writing this to you I am on me knees (lap-top computer on a chair) totally in the nude with my TINY THING slightly dripping pre-cum and I am going to collect every single drop and swallow it for you.

    Us lowly males can never achieve the level of a superior woman, but we will give OUR EVERYTHING TO ACHIEVE OUR BEST JUST FOR YOU.

    I too continue to kneel and bow before YOU, supreme Goddess LADY JOSEPHINE.

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