Gifts from Dubai

Tonight I accepted a new slave from Dubai into my stable (slave Paul). He’s got the smallest cock I have ever seen – such an amusing sight! For my fellow Mistresses’ amusement I have posted a picture of his cock in the losers gallery. Please share your comments on this blog – he loves being humiliated and I will make him transfer money for each humiliation he gets.

Slave Paul’s darkest fantasies are below:

“a brief summary of my darkest fantsy is to be brought in front of 2 strict women. i would be stripped naked and inspected very roughly…i would receive very cruel small penis humiliation before being spanked otk by both women….during the spanking i may receive soothing stroking of ass, cock and balls…..after the spanking i would be tied, face up for some cbt and gentle teasing strokes…..i would then be questioned by both women about my sexual inadequacy, about how past girlfriends may have felt when i was inside then and as much cruel psychological battery as possible….i could hpoe that i would be given release by them at the end…….another fantasy would be to be tied down while goddess is fucked by a large cock in the next room so i could hear her pleasure….then she would come and see me and tell me how good it was and how i could never do that….maybe you prefer more extreme types of humiliation?”

He’s such a pathetic loser, isn’t he? In our next online session I’ll have my bitch-boy fuck me in the room next door whilst slave Paul listens to my moaning. He’ll be told how he will never be able to fuck me and please me like my bitch-boy does (not that bitch-boy’s any good, but surely his large cock gives me more pleasure than that tiny little piece of meat that slave Paul has!). I can’t wait to see the loser’s reaction…watch this space!

slave Paul has been a good boy and sent me this gift voucher tonight:

Well done, you pathetic swine! Remember, your Goddess loves surprises…

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