Spring cleaning

I am keeping myself busy today throwing away clothes and shoes I don’t need anymore. Bitch boy is next to me in his pink panties and heels (how pathetic he looks) and I am telling him what goes in the bin and what stays. When I am finished he has 1 hour to clean the mess and put all clothes and shoes neatly back where they belong. If he fails to meet with my high standards I’ll make him wear some of the old clothes I am throwing away and as a punishment he needs to get groceries in the local shop wearing female clothes (I am sure he’d get much attention from total strangers). Cant’ wait to get started…oh and by the way, I might be selling some of my old heels on here – watch this space!

Today I am also expecting to receive my new Kurt Geiger heels which bitch-boy ordered for me – how exciting! Check back for pictures shortly!

Need to go now, bitch-boy is ready for some action…

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