Weekend in Paris



After a long time of not sharing any of my exciting stories you will be pleased to hear that shortly you will be able to read about my life as a true Lady of Leisure again. Watch this space for another kinky story about my weekend in Paris including Louboutins, dinner in the Eiffel tower, shopping at Galeries Lafayettes and a lot of kinky fun in my luxurious hotel.

Slave poem

Each day I receive lots of messages from pathetic subs on collarme.com. Most of them are ignorant and boring losers, however once in a while I come across quite amusing and creative creatures. This young slave has been begging me to do admin work for me and wanted to write me a poem of devotion. I was quite amused by his creative efforts and decided to share it with my followers:

There is a lady, a strict lady, a dominant lady. So very dominant She uses a cane and makes you head go completely insane. Lady Josephine is her name, skin as soft as silk, legs that seem endless, stockings with always straight seams. She will take your money, tease you, but she will never please you. Goddess Lady Josephine is the real deal, stood by her heel. Always you must kneel. Her collection of heels is vast, you must purchase a pair fast. Red, pinks blues and purples even jimmy choos, she owns many worth every single god dam penny. You must finance her, pamper her, even sing to her as Lady Josephine only gives you one chance. Always remember that elegance, forceful stance. She travels around always first class. Elegant dinners, meetings and greetings. So don’t buy her a drink always a bottle your pace has must always be at full throttle. With your wallet showing, smashing the cash, she expects no less. With Lady Josephine you dare not make a mess. So remember that name and contact her now Lady Josephine you will not tame.

This should serve all piggies out there as an inspiration that you can indeed make it on to my blog if you are creative, devoted and do as you are told at all times! This poor soul might even get a chance to make it into my stable if he continues to entertain me.

Losers, never stop being creative and continue to surprise your Goddess – it may even pay off one day!

Lady J

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Christening my New Heels…

After a particularly successful afternoon of online sessions, I decided to indulge in some self pleasure.

I had a most luxurious bath accompanied by a glass of Champagne, candles and soft jazz playing in the background. I recalled the afternoon’s events and I could feel  a throbbing between my legs…a throbbing I know I can never ignore!

I got out of the bath, gently massaged a gorgeous smelling cream into my skin all over my body and lightly sprayed my favourite perfume on my neck, wrists and behind my knees. The towering, killer heels equipped with gold studs were put on and my legs were longer and addeds inches to my 5ft11 frame. I carefully put on my new neon pink lingerie. The bra firmly gives me a plunging cleavage to die for and the tiny string thong is only fit to tease bitch-boy. I then slipped on my silk, black robe and waited in my decadent boudoir for bitch-boy to return home from work. Little did he know the real work was about to begin the moment he walked into my house!

As I heard the front door open and shut, I instructed bitch-boy to come straight up to my boudoir and to strip naked before entering on his hands and feet. As he crawled in he kissed my feet and told me he worshipped me was pleased to be summoned to serve me. I allowed the little pig to pleasure me with his tongue for an hour, ensuring I had multiple orgasms. There is nothing I like to see more than my legs wrapped around his back and having my killer heels digging into his flesh. These new heels are stunning with the bright block colours and the gold studs bold as can be. They are simply beautiful and look even better in contrast to the little white slave grovelling at my feet!

I continued to allow him to pleasure me as I sat on his face. Once I was fully satisfied, I allowed the wretch to cum on his own belly before running off to prepare my dinner.

Lady Josephine

A Full-Time Lady of Leisure…

I am now very pleased to announce that I am now a full-time Lady of Leisure.

Thanks to a most loyal, obedient and hard-working bitch-boy, I have given up the mundane occupation and can now devote my attention to living the lifestyle I am addicted to 365 days a year.

Further, I am now able to explore new opportunities and spend more time training and torturing the pathetic male species in ways I have only dreamt about!

Bitch-boy welcomed me into my new home by buying me the most fabulous shoes and handing me 500 euros, whilst on his knees as a token of his appreciation for being able to be my live-in slave!

How did I reward the little pig? I allowed him to kneel before my shoes and masturbate…of course he was made to cum over himself and not on my beloved works of art!


Lady Josephine

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Every journey begins with one step…

I often get asked how I became the woman I am today.

I often get asked what makes me tick and how long I have lived the life I live.

The honest truth is I am still growing and I can’t really remember how it all began….

I always believed my drive and dominance stemmed from my deep competitive personality; I was brought up to ‘be a leader, not a follower’.

However, the first time I remember getting satisfaction from dominating men was when I was 20 at university. We had a Halloween party to attend. I decided to go as a devil/dominatrix…

I bought the most beautiful riding crop. It was red with diamond detailing around the handle. That night, I went around the “vanilla” student club and made each boy who dared look at me bend over, allowing me to beat their behinds. I then painted their lips with my bright red lipstick, as to leave my mark, as I walked away. As the night went on, I got more excited and would beat them harder and harder. I loved it! It was funny and it felt good to see them jump in pain. I beat them so hard that I eventually shattered the riding crop all in the same night!

I will always remember that night and keep the crop as a much-loved souvenir! The seed had been planted…this young woman would become Lady Josephine!

Lady J


Berlin I love you…The German Fetish Ball Weekend 2012

As I sat in the airport lounge, sipping on my Kir Royale and reading the newspaper, my mind drifted off into the most pleasant daydream about what this most decadent weekend had in store for me.

Without a doubt, bitch-boy had arranged the business class flight to Amsterdam where I would meet him. I had allowed him to accompany me to Berlin. As a good boy he did not disappoint…we went by train, 1st class on the ICE to Berlin.

I had bitch-boy act as my tour guide as we discovered the city by day. Naturally, he treated me to the finest foods, cocktails and shopping. I even gave the little pig the privilege of buying me a beautiful and elegant lacy body from Wolford to wear to the first night’s events.

The most amusing little game bitch-boy and I played, was to look at the other hotel guests at dinner and to guess which couples/groups would be attending the GFB events…even in “vanilla” clothing some were rather obvious to spot…I could not help wondering if people could guess the same about me? Did my studded 6 inch heels give me away!?!

The first evening consisted of 2 main events; the Play Party and the Pre-Party. After a sumptuous dinner in the hotel, I prepared for the evening! As I applied my makeup, slipped into my lace body, stepped into my leather pencil skirt and had bitch-boy fasten my corset, I could feel the excitement and anticipation bubbling up within me. Bitch-boy then knelt before me and placed my heels upon my feet and kissed them admiringly. Seeing this strong man, submit himself to me willingly and lovingly, fills me with deep joy and I could feel pulsating between my legs as I grew even more excited. My little pig had also dressed up for this grand occasion…he was wearing the most gay mesh shirt, black latex shorts, black studded shoes and of course his leather collar for me to attach his leash to.


I attached the leash to bitch-boy and walked him on his lead behind me through the corridors, down the lift and into the hotel lobby…we waited outside the hotel for a taxi. I could see bitch-boy was nervous being out so publicly.


As we entered the BDSM club, it was dimly lit with low-toned music pulsating through the room. As I looked around I could see fellow dommes and male doms sat at cocktail table with their subs at their feet or restrained in some manner. I led bitch-boy to a leather bed where he knelt beside me on the hard, cold, stone floor. Around us there were Mistresses teasing their slaves with an array of tools. My mood struck me as playful, so I placed bitch-boy in a hanging bird-cage. I locked him in there and grabbed his nipples. I pulled on them so hard that it pulled the entire bird-cage towards me and then I pushed him back to cause the cage to swing violently. It was a most wonderful source of entertainment…hearing bitch-boy scream above the music caught the attention of all those around us and they continued to watch me play with him. I whipped poor bitch-boy, pulled ever harder on his nipples and then, to humiliate him that little bit more, I put bright red lipstick on him.

I then walked the poor wretch to the bar. He was made to crawl on his hands and knees behind me. I sat at the bar with bitch-boy at my feet. In order to pay for my drinks, I made him hold the very whip I had used moments beforehand to punish him with his teeth. By this point, I could see bitch-boy was tired, hot and ever so thirsty, so I gave him the relief of spitting mouthfuls of my drink directly into his mouth. In this moment, bitch-boy collapsed at my feet and in gratitude removed my shoes and began giving my tired feet the most blissful foot massage!!! I was transported to heaven and became completely unaware of the transvestites masturbating each other, or the female sub being tortured my her male dom and Mistress, or even the slave tied to planks and being whipped furiously by his Mistress. I believe I was closer to orgasm than the Mistress with the 2 male subs desperately trying to please her orally.

Bitch-boy and I never did make it to the Pre-Party…I was inspired by this point and I ordered him back to the hotel for a private session!


The main event of the entire weekend had arrived! I could not wait to slide into my latex outfit and to party all night long with bitch-boy chained to me.

Latex always arouses me! It is the combination of the smell, the tightness and the feel of it against my skin. Latex hugs intimately all of my womanly curves and makes me feel stronger and more powerful over my little pig!

The Ball was a feast for the eyes. It’s a liberating experience to bring my indoor personality outdoors and so publicly. It is the most wonderful experience being surrounded by like-minded people and to not have to feel the threat of judgment.

This night we danced, we laughed, we had fun…

Then I took bitch-boy back to the hotel where he could attend to all my womanly needs ;-)


See you next year my fellow Kinksters! Berlin, you were Fantastic!

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For The Love of Shoes…The Christian Louboutin Exhibition!

From the moment my adoring slaves informed me of the Christian Louboutin Exhibition at the Design Museum, London, I knew had to attend.

My loyal bitch-boy took the initiative to book 4 tickets, so myself and 3 of my closest domme friends could enjoy a most fabulous day out.

Some ladies love handbags, some ladies love chocolate, but I am besotted with glamourous shoes.

As we entered the exhibition, my heart fluttered in a way no other earthly thing could make it do so. I was like a child unleashed into a candy store!

The shoes were stunning, beautiful, creative and artistic! I was delighted to find one of my favourite pairs of Louboutins on display TWICE! Yes, a pair I own were worthy of exhibiting to the world!

High heels exude a woman’s sexuality, sensuality, strength and beauty…and the fetish section of the exhibition demonstrated this marvelously! I was mesmerized by the glitz; it was a feast for the eyes!

As I left the Design Museum, I dreamt of one thing only: to one day own a shoe collection as large as the one within those walls!

So how did we continue our decadent day? With a champagne luncheon by the Thames and then  cocktails in Covent Garden. Thank you once again to my loyal bitch-boy for enabling a most wonderful day out in London.

Lady Josephine


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